Thursday, 22 May 2014

Spotlight on...Garry Budyk

Garry is a nature photographer, birder and amateur naturalist from Winnipeg Manitoba, and his photos of Manitoba's beauty are a favourite of many of our customers, both locals and visitors.  His attention to detail, professional presentation, commitment to customer service, and meticulous cataloguing combine with his artistry to make him the artist of choice for people looking for scenes from a particular area in the province, or for those trying to capture a certain memory. 

In Garry's own words, "I strive to create images that take a step beyond being simply “beautiful pictures” (and I daresay there are unlimited opportunities to find said beauty in Manitoba!).  What I attempt to create are images that catch the viewer's eye, draws them into the scene and makes a connection to their own life experience.  Smiles and good memories of sitting by a rushing waterfall … Grandpa's old barn … hearing the crunch of the leaves as you walked that path through the forest … that little owl you found roosting in your backyard.  Beautiful photos yes--but hopefully so much more."

As a young man, Garry became fascinated with the view through the lens.  Working mostly in black and white, he spent several years learning the basics of composition, lighting and exposure, and in the process exposing many thousands of frames.  Black and white led to colour, and the rich vibrant hues of Kodachrome.  Seeing the world anew in full glorious colour led Garry to embrace the brilliance and clarity of colour work.  This can clearly be seen in his work right to this day.

However, black and white continues to be an important part of Garry's work.  Architectural gems in the Exchange District, historic prairie elevators and monochromatic renderings of the natural world are some of the main themes Garry chooses to present in black and white.

A recent addition to Garry's catalogue of Manitoba scenes has been a selection of focused post-processing work adding a contemporary edge to his already diverse offerings.  Garry has kindly offered us some insight into these new pieces.  "Earlier this year, as an antidote to our already too-long winter , I began experimenting with some extreme alterations of some common and uncommon scenes I have experienced and photographed. My normal modus operandi involves a realistic interpretation , with a comfortable compostion and touch of warmth . The photographs I began working with by no means had “uncomfortable” compositions or lacked warmth but my experiments were designed to see these attributes from a totally different perspective . The result is what I've come to call 'Images of Manitoba … Alternate Realities'."

Garry offers a selection of his work in a variety of sizes and formats in the gallery, and as well is able to work with the customer to customize size and mounting choices within a very reasonable timeframe.  Yet another reason to visit Pulse Gallery!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spotlight on...Gail Sawatzky

Gail Sawatzky's passion for painting began at an early age, and her love for texture and luminescent colour came to fruition after her first visit to Mexico.  The colours there radiated with warmth and created feelings of joy, and when she returned home, she began translating those feelings onto canvas using paint and texture.  Working with acrylics, mediums, glazes and encaustics allow her to work quickly, and embed high textural relief in her pieces.  Texture and intense colour are fundamental aspects of Gail's works. 

Gail lives in Altona, Manitoba, and the prairie landscape around her is a strong influence.

In Gail's own words, "Creating art is an endless journey full of adventure and constant learning.  What a great journey it is!"

Here are a few examples of Gail's work that have been shown at Pulse:

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spotlight on...Joanne Harris

Joanne Harris has been with Pulse Gallery for a number of years, and she continues to delight us with her breathtaking contemporary watercolors of our natural landscape.  We have taken the liberty of quoting some of Joanne's autobiographical notes on her website to highlight her generosity of spirit, and passion for her work.
My love of painting goes back as far as I can remember. I chose to stay at home with my children but once they began to attend school I quickly signed up for watercolor classes given by a local artist. I will always be grateful for the inspiration and mentoring provided to me by this first teacher. Since those early days of painting I have continued my art education attending classes and workshops presented by great national teachers. I have for the past 10 years painted watercolors full time out of my home studio.
Joanne on her home territory

My home is situated in a woodland setting just west of the city of Winnipeg . There is an abundance of natural beauty just outside my windows that allows me breathing space and inspiration for my mostly landscape and floral paintings.

I have always felt a close connection to the prairies living here all my life. My husband and I enjoy traveling the province taking photos of the ever changing beauty that lies in wait for that next painting. I have taught watercolor classes for over 12 years. I currently teach workshops and am available to art clubs and groups.

My work can be found in the collections of several Manitoba Credit Unions, the Winnipeg Foundation, and in many other private offices and homes. My watercolors have traveled around the world carried by tourists who purchase my work from Pulse Gallery at the Forks in Winnipeg where it can be viewed.

David Lauder--From Shield to Fields

Pulse Gallery is featuring David Lauder for the month of April, with the artist reception on Friday April 11 from 7-9 pm.  The gallery will be filled with David's beautiful contemporary images of Manitoba, ranging from beautiful abstract imagery to crisply focused iconic landscapes.

David Lauder is a Winnipeg-based photographer with a life-long interest in travel and landscape photography. His current portfolio of landscapes are taken primarily in Riding Mountain, Eastern Manitoba, Northwest Ontario and southwestern Manitoba.

In David’s own words, “In 2003, I became serious about photography and set out to find my place in the ‘professional’ realm … I love to make beautiful images.  I love everything from broad landscapes right down to fine details and abstractions.  And I love to share them.  What motivates me is the look on someone’s face when they see one of my images that really resonates with them.  I have a personal attachment to almost all of my images, and can remember the feeling and anticipation I had when each of my images was captures.  Hopefully, my images will create similar feelings in you.”   

We hope you can join us for the artist reception to have an opportunity to meet David, discuss his work, and see some of the beautiful work of Manitoba's talented artists.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spotlight on...Anthony Steffes

Anthony Steffes has been an artist at Pulse Gallery since it opened.  He is well known as an arts educator as well as an artist, and his work reflects his generous, innovative, and explorative nature.

His new series of matted and framed small works are acrylic on textile, and he has been able to use the surface and sheen of the fabric to embed detail and texture.  These pieces are lovely, and worth viewing in person.  

 In Anthony's own words, 
As an experimental artist I am interested in playing with mediums, found objects, and just about anything that has pattern or texture to develop layered pieces that challenge the imagination of the viewer. Inspiration begins with objects and materials that I must possess. My art process involves purposely creating difficulties, confusing myself and avoiding anything that I can easily control, exactly the opposite of the way I choose to live. Visual references from the performing arts, nature, the garden, and prior art experience, guide my creative process. My pieces intend to inspire fantasy, evoke memories, and tempt the viewer to indulge in something not easily defined. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Urban Landscape--G.A. Knight at Pulse Gallery

Pulse is delighted to welcome Graham Knight as a special event artist for the month of February, culminating in a reception and show on the evening of February 21.  Please consider attending--it promises to be a though-provoking and enjoyable evening.  Details are below.

Graham is a highly accomplished visual artist whose subject matter is the tough and uncompromising urban landscape.  He finds beauty in the textures and rhythms of the city.

Though he was born in Winnipeg, he was educated in Los Angeles and heavily influenced by the architecture and ethos of Chicago during his time there. 

Graham's artist statement gives some brief background:
G.A Knight, a local artist born and raised in Winnipeg, honed his artistic proclivity at the Fullerton College of Fine Arts in Los Angeles, where upon graduating he began freelance painting in L.A.After successfully gaining interest for his early work, G.A set off to Chicago where he absorbed his urban surroundings , and has projected them onto many canvasses, including some displayed here today. High profile buyers of G.A's work include; Film Director David Lynch , Film producer Neil Edelstein and United States Navy in Long Beach CA. G.A returned home in 2004 , and has since worked across Manitoba for the C.N railway. He continues to paint in the rudimentary, urban style that reflects this artist's down to earth, gritty demeanor. With ability to plainly recreate a glance out the window, G.A takes us to those moments where we calmly observe our world and use what we see as a backdrop for our thoughts.

We are looking forward to seeing the canvases he will be bringing in for February 21!  We can share a sneak peak of his work (which, by the way looks wonderful against the original bricks of our heritage building), for your consideration and pleasure:

"Canadian Whiskey", 48"x36" acrylic

"Hoodlum", 36"x28" acrylic

"The Red Rock", 36"x28", acrylic

We hope that you can join us for this event.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Focus on Watercolours

Watercolours abound at Pulse.   They are, in many ways, mirrors of our souls and experiences.  They can subtly depict scenes of fantasy or evoke memories of places we have been. With their unique quality of translucence and depth they can be realistic or impressionistic, capturing a moment or experience, transporting the viewer to another place and time.  We are currently displaying many thematically diverse pieces encompassing the full spectrum…. from tranquil, serene lake and prairie scenes to vibrant, colourful urban scenes, to figures caught up in the dance, full of movement and emotion.  We invite you to drop in and experience our collection.

"Where Birches Whisper", Joanne Harris (watercolour on canvas, 40"x60")
"Good Night Prairie", Joanne Harris (watercolour)

"Birch Cove", Joane Harris (watercolour)
"Indigo Street", watercolour

"Before the Crowd", watercolour
"Shades of Scarlet, Tara Revisited", watercolour

"Blue Tango", watercolour