Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Carefree Innocence of a Child's Summer

Art is at its best when it calls to the heart.  The artist's route to the emotions is often through personal and evocative imagery of moments past.  Naomi Gerrard's new work focuses on such fragments of time, capturing images of childhood with an acute eye and her peerless style.  Despite the subject matter, there is a compelling sparseness and unsentimentality about Naomi's work.

We are delighted to have these works available for viewing at our gallery--we hope that you can come to see these new canvases in person.

Canal Builders, acrylic, 10"x30"

Puddle Pleasure, acrylic, 24"x24"

Swinging Friends, acrylic, 32"x40"

Thursday, 14 March 2013

"The Rainy Road to Champagne", Kathleen Black

We asked Kathleen for her thoughts about one of the pieces she recently brought into the gallery. She responded with some lovely insights into her creative process…
This is inspired by a photo I took out of the car window on the way to Champagne, France. That whizzing by you fell in a car. It was a bit rainy but the sky was that beautiful yellow. This painting worked well as the resin becomes that car window I looked through with the glass strings glowing and changing the light as rain does and the paint providing colour and form.
"The Rainy Road to Champagne", Kathleen Black.  Acrylic, glass, resin

Kathleen's innovative multimedia approach uses glass stringers which bring the iridescence of rain into the  painting.  It is difficult to photograph Kathleen's work because of the effect of refracted and reflected light, so it is best viewed in person--another reason why it is always worth a trip to visit us at Pulse Gallery!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Special event at Pulse Gallery--Lou Gaskin

We are always getting new works in by our group of artists and artisans, so a visit to our gallery is full of new discoveries.  However, a few times throughout the year we hold special events focussing on an artist who is new to the gallery, or who has a body of work he or she might want to reveal and spotlight.

During the month of March, Pulse Gallery puts this spotlight on Manitoba artist Lou Gaskin.  Having built a successful career with her unique pottery, raku and sculpture, Lou Gaskin has at long last returned to her first artistic passion - painting.  Join us Friday, March 15th from 7-9 p.m. to view "In Her Minds' Eye" - a showcase of Lou Gaskins' skillful use of colour, texture and tones on canvas.  

In her words, "The exhibition, titled 'In My Mind's Eye', features an extensive portrayal of the artist's interpretation of her personal interaction with nature through floral and scenic scenes. Her adept hand skillfully creates tangible textures of flower petals and blowing prairie grasses.  Haunting use of hue and light transform traditional imagery into current examinations of our relationships with organic materials, seeming to warn of the eminent need to capture and behold the fleeting world of nature's own handiwork."

Lou has recently become an artisan at Pulse, and we have enjoyed displaying her beautiful ceramic pieces.  We're very excited to also celebrate her works on canvas during March.