Thursday, 3 October 2013

Focus on Watercolours

Watercolours abound at Pulse.   They are, in many ways, mirrors of our souls and experiences.  They can subtly depict scenes of fantasy or evoke memories of places we have been. With their unique quality of translucence and depth they can be realistic or impressionistic, capturing a moment or experience, transporting the viewer to another place and time.  We are currently displaying many thematically diverse pieces encompassing the full spectrum…. from tranquil, serene lake and prairie scenes to vibrant, colourful urban scenes, to figures caught up in the dance, full of movement and emotion.  We invite you to drop in and experience our collection.

"Where Birches Whisper", Joanne Harris (watercolour on canvas, 40"x60")
"Good Night Prairie", Joanne Harris (watercolour)

"Birch Cove", Joane Harris (watercolour)
"Indigo Street", watercolour

"Before the Crowd", watercolour
"Shades of Scarlet, Tara Revisited", watercolour

"Blue Tango", watercolour