Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"Colour is its own Reward"

We have been remiss in not highlighting the special show running in the gallery throughout January.  

We are showcasing the acrylic paintings by artist Jayne Nixon, who has long graced our gallery with her fine work in stained and kilnworked glass. 

Jayne Nixon has lived in Winnipeg for 20 years. Her inspiration comes from travelling, as well as time spent living in other cities. Her work is often reflective of growing up in Vancouver. 

She has studied many art forms and chose glass art as her primary focus. Jayne worked at Prairie Stained Glass for many years, where she fabricated religious stained glass windows and taught jewelery making, mosaics, and kiln cast glass.

In her own words, “My inspiration for this current focus, acrylic painting, began with doodling and an interest in creating bold and colorful work similar to stained glass.

‘I am inspired by many artists; the most important thing is to find your own voice.’ Some of my favorite artists are Salvadore Dali, Johannes Schreiter, Georgia  O’Keeffe, Ione Thorkelsson, Rennie Macintosh, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.”
Several of these acrylic abstracts will be on display in Pulse until January 31.
"Arms Outstretched", 2014, 10"x20"

"A Drop in the Ocean", 2014, 8"x36"

"A Slice of Life", 2014, 20"x16"