Dale Turner

 Dale Turner was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her lifelong interest in art has evolved into her favorite mediums watercolour and acrylic. While her subject matter and techniques are diverse, her style is always identifiable. Dale's strong use of limited colour palettes is a signature aspect of her work, whether it be a neutrally-toned abstract with metallics or one of her striking poppy series.

Winnipeg Icons acrylic 20"x 40"

Dale has produced abstract pieces with powerful themes referencing the power that music has in our lives. Her "Winnipeg Icons" pieces are strikingly modern and bring to life Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Esplanade Riel, with the backdrop of the often overlooked urban beauty of Winnipeg's downtown. Her sophisticated use of colour gives these more representational works a strongly contemporary power. Painting allows Dale to create and express her own beliefs and values for others to both enjoy and interpret according to their own individual tastes and understanding.
Koi Life Force  acrylic  24"x 48"
Art for Dale is a never ending experience about life, our inner self and the development of our individual expression. Dale is a member of the Manitoba Society of Artists, the Forum Art Centre, and the Selkirk Art Centre and has been a foundation artist of Pulse Gallery since its opening.

Fluid Jazz acrylic  24"x 48"

Birch at Twilight acrylic 16" x 60"