Fine Artisan Items--Ceramics, Glass, Jewelry, Metalwork, Sculpture, Wood, Fibre Arts

Pulse Gallery is so honoured to have so many talented artisans showcasing their work with us here in the Johnston Terminal.

We have a wonderful selection of Made in Manitoba gifts.

Please bear with us while we work on this page. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at or 204.957.7140


Kathleen Black, Don Combe, Lesly Dawyduk, June Derksen,Valerie Evans, Neeta Gupta, Catherine Kreindler, Redd Line Jewelry, Wendy Seversen, Judy Reardon Smith, Cathy Sutton


Angus Braid, Deb Brown, Ray Christopherson, Lou Gaskin, Bud Gillies, Tim Haughian, Steve Jorgenson, Jan Kushnier,  Michael Lemer, Mary Lowe, Susan Pharaoh, Lizette Ptashnick, Evelin Richter, Cathy Rondeau,  Jordan Van Sewell


Hans Arnold, Jennifer LaBella, Reymond Page


Kathleen Black, Sylvia Cunningham, Lesly Dawyduk, June Derksen, Huguette Gauthier, Tatiana Gregoryanz, Heather Harris, Lisa Martin, Wendy Seversen

Sculpture and Multi Media

Angus Braid, clay and driftwood
Denise Gray, pebbles and wood
Peter DuMans, metal
Laurene Myrvold, fabric dolls
Evelin Richter, clay
Bela Szajcz, soapstone
Jordan Van Sewell, clay


Steve Hanchuk, Laverne Lovatt, John Mitton, Weldon Neufeld

Art Cards

Carla Dyck, Kathleen Black, Garry Budyk, Kathleen Crosby, Leslie Franklin, Sarah Welsh Johnston, Mike Karakas, Lillian Kazuk, Cheryl Kreis, Reymond Pagé, Wayne Purvis, Dale Turner, Gail Sawatzky, Anthony Steffes


Wallflower, ceramic sculpture by Evelin Richter

Airport Bus, ceramic tile by Jordan Van Sewell

Mugs by Ray Christopherson

Woven brass ring jewelry by Wendy Seversen

Pottery with crystalline glaze by Lizette Ptashnick,
Moving On - Porcelain figure by Evelin Richter