Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Falling in Love with the Feminine

We are pleased to host Winnipeg artist Sarah Welsh Johnston for her show "Falling in Love with the Feminine".  The very successful opening reception was on the evening of Friday, February 8, and the show runs through the month of February.  

In Sarah's own words, "When I create, I work intuitively, from my subconscious experience of the feminine with references to the forces of nature. I sometimes incorporate found objects in my work using several layers of mixed media in an organic abstract manner."

"Prom", Sarah Welsh Johnston, ink, oil pastel, charcoal, chalk, nail polish, acrylic, fabriano paper, 45"x57"

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I know it's been a while since the last post, (I know!) which obviously means I have a lot to inform you about!

All in due time of course, but most importantly we've signed a fantastic, new Winnipeg artist to the Gallery this month!  It is always such a delight when we sign new artists, and this time is no exception! Please welcome Genevie Henderson!

Ancient Horse in Gold - acrylic 24"x12" 

Her works are vibrant and without a doubt fit right at home amongst all the talented and diverse artists we already showcase.  She paints colourful impressionism, abstract, figurative and cultural art, with an array of media giving her that unique touch while keeping it made-in-Manitoba!

Somewhere on the Coast - acrylic 30"x40"

I must admit, I catch myself daydreaming of my own travels when I look at her pieces. There's something so inviting about the look of calm waters disappearing into the horizon.  The playful colours in her water lilies remind me of my canoe trips through swamp waters and cat tails while the frogs sang to each other.

Leo Mol Water Lily Garden - acrylic 36"x30"

Its these types of emotions and memories that make art so captivating and desirable. We have such a fantastic art scene in Winnipeg, do take the time to bask in it! You might be intrigued by what you see. 

Check back soon! I will be posting more pictures of our artisans' works - wood, fabric, glass, clay - and we have an event to talk about too "Falling in Love with the Feminine" Feb 8 @ 7 pm! Yes, it's 2 days away and already half the art being showcased has sold!!!!