Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Urban Landscape--G.A. Knight at Pulse Gallery

Pulse is delighted to welcome Graham Knight as a special event artist for the month of February, culminating in a reception and show on the evening of February 21.  Please consider attending--it promises to be a though-provoking and enjoyable evening.  Details are below.

Graham is a highly accomplished visual artist whose subject matter is the tough and uncompromising urban landscape.  He finds beauty in the textures and rhythms of the city.

Though he was born in Winnipeg, he was educated in Los Angeles and heavily influenced by the architecture and ethos of Chicago during his time there. 

Graham's artist statement gives some brief background:
G.A Knight, a local artist born and raised in Winnipeg, honed his artistic proclivity at the Fullerton College of Fine Arts in Los Angeles, where upon graduating he began freelance painting in L.A.After successfully gaining interest for his early work, G.A set off to Chicago where he absorbed his urban surroundings , and has projected them onto many canvasses, including some displayed here today. High profile buyers of G.A's work include; Film Director David Lynch , Film producer Neil Edelstein and United States Navy in Long Beach CA. G.A returned home in 2004 , and has since worked across Manitoba for the C.N railway. He continues to paint in the rudimentary, urban style that reflects this artist's down to earth, gritty demeanor. With ability to plainly recreate a glance out the window, G.A takes us to those moments where we calmly observe our world and use what we see as a backdrop for our thoughts.

We are looking forward to seeing the canvases he will be bringing in for February 21!  We can share a sneak peak of his work (which, by the way looks wonderful against the original bricks of our heritage building), for your consideration and pleasure:

"Canadian Whiskey", 48"x36" acrylic

"Hoodlum", 36"x28" acrylic

"The Red Rock", 36"x28", acrylic

We hope that you can join us for this event.