Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Spotlight on...Anthony Steffes

Anthony Steffes has been an artist at Pulse Gallery since it opened.  He is well known as an arts educator as well as an artist, and his work reflects his generous, innovative, and explorative nature.

His new series of matted and framed small works are acrylic on textile, and he has been able to use the surface and sheen of the fabric to embed detail and texture.  These pieces are lovely, and worth viewing in person.  

 In Anthony's own words, 
As an experimental artist I am interested in playing with mediums, found objects, and just about anything that has pattern or texture to develop layered pieces that challenge the imagination of the viewer. Inspiration begins with objects and materials that I must possess. My art process involves purposely creating difficulties, confusing myself and avoiding anything that I can easily control, exactly the opposite of the way I choose to live. Visual references from the performing arts, nature, the garden, and prior art experience, guide my creative process. My pieces intend to inspire fantasy, evoke memories, and tempt the viewer to indulge in something not easily defined.