Barb Stafford McCluskey

Beyond the Deepwoods
48" x 48" oil on canvas

The Old Man & The Sea
48" x 48" oil on canvas
Artist Barb Stafford chooses to sign her work with her maiden name McCluskey.  

Barb was born and raised in New Brunswick, where she demonstrated her natural talent at an early age. “I am an emotional painter, my oil paintings depict my concern with nature’s vanishing spaces.”   

Far Afield
30" x 60" oil on canvas

Through the use of traditional oils, her landscapes are not strictly representative of specific places or scenes but intuitive response to a collective imprint of landscapes found in Canada.  Predominantly self-taught Barb studied Commercial Art, only to return to canvas to paint.

Barb has kept active in various art clubs across the country, and has donated extensively to the Community Centres in her area.  At this time Barb has a small studio located in her home.  Her current works are based on the rich terrain found in Canada.  “I paint as a means to capture the viewers’ attention so I may engage them.  I believe everyone should have original art in their space.”