Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fine Artisan items available

Our approach to art is multi-media!  Pulse Gallery offers fine handmade items in a range of materials to enhance your home in a variety of ways.
Sandra Wiebe of the Loom Room creates colorful hand-woven scarves and wall hangings.
Hand-woven scarves, Sandra Wiebe
Wall-hanging, Sandra Wiebe
Bill Shoup creates charming polar bear figurines in clay to remind visitors of their visit to our diverse province.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A selection of works available at the Gallery

Here is a selection of art and artisan items currently available at our Gallery.  Many other items are available, and new works are submitted for your consideration on a daily basis--please contact us for further details, or with questions or comments!  Better yet, stop in and spend some time browsing the fine works of these exceptional Manitoban artists.
"Paris Street", acrylic, Cindy Dyson 

"Seize the Day", acrylic, Kathleen Crosby

"Double Passion", acrylic,  Lisa Funk

"Manhattan Skyline", acrylic, Dale Turner

"Natural Flow", acrylic, Kathleen Crosby

"Portage and Garfield", acrylic, Kathleen Black

acrylic, Anthony Steffes

"To Keep Post", Acrylic, Kathleen Black

"Flower Power", acrylic, Amanda Philipson Graham

Ceramic, Judy Reardon Smith

GSG Chain, necklace with natural stone pendant;
Turkish Round Chain, bracelet with forged clasp,
both from patinaed copper, Wendy Seversen

"Mermaid with her Pilot Fish", wood, Angus Braid

Hand-turned Shubert Cherry bowl, Steve Hanchuk

Candle shelter, pottery, Ken Chernovich

Pebble bowl, glass powders, Wendy Seversen

Bison bowl, fused glass, Lucinda Doran

Teapot, pottery, Steve Jorgenson

Multi-coloured bowl, fused glass, June Derksen

"Deep in the Forest", Acrylic, Anthony Steffes