Genevie Henderson

Ancient Horse 24"x12"

An ancient kimono of intrigue hangs in suspension, a sensual African woman of elegance holds her head proudly and a burst of luscious dancing colour, primitive line and unique image grace an abstract work of art -these are the impressionist paintings of Genevie. Her vibrant paintings are created with acrylic, ink, pencil, collage and multi-media on canvas, wood and plexi-glass. 

Leo Mol Water Lily Garden 30"x24"

Noted for distinctive and striking style, Genevie’s art is a legacy to be treasured. She believes that her creativity can make a difference and uses her talent to support health and community work. 

Genevie is a dedicated rural Manitoba artist who works in international adoption, thus her interest in ethnic peoples, culture and tradition. “I strive to take the viewer on an artistic and visual journey be it to a place in nature, a celebration, a cultural and historical experience, a foreign country or a place in my imagination. My art is visual imagery; a narrative of a single moment in time, circumstance and place.” This is always an evolving and emerging vision.

Somewhere on the Coast

Genevie’s art can be found in private collections in Nova Scotia, Ontario, B.C and Manitoba. She has exhibited in many group shows. She exhibits in Pulse Gallery, Birchwood Gallery, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Sam’s Place and Springfield Library in Dugald, Manitoba.